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Rustic Sugar Scrub Collection:

My sugar scrubs are homemade with all natural ingredients. They are a mix of coconut oil, sugar, and essentials oils with no added artificial coloring.
This scrub uses sandalwood premium fragrance oil.

Each sugar scrub comes in a labeled 4oz jar and is hand mixed for the perfect texture.
*The spoon in the photos is not included, it is placed for size reference.

Storage Instructions:
Store in cool temperatures. If the scrub arrives in a liquid state due to warm temperatures while shipping or if it's kept in a warm area place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes (or until it reaches a consistency you like) to return to a more solid state.

*Please do not use if you are allergic or have sensitivities to any of the ingredients in the description.
These sugar scrubs are not made for consumption.

*Due to sanitary reasons sugar scrubs are not returnable once delivered.

Rustic Sugar Scrub Collection: Sandalwood

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