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Amber Cheremsak Boutique

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My name is Amber Katlyn Elizabeth Cheremsak and welcome to my shop. Thank you so much for visiting our online shop, all the love and support for our small business means so much.

In the 9th grade I took a elective beginner jewelry making course and fell in love with the the ability to design and create my own unique pieces of art. After continuing to make my own jewelry for years, I decided I wanted to share my work with others and I signed up for my first vendor event in college.

As a freshmen in my dorm at Western Washington University, I split my room between study space and business work space. It was there that I not only expanded my jewelry collection, but also created some of my most popular products today...bath products and bridesmaid boxes. I loved coming up with new ideas and creating new products.

After graduating WWU, I pursued another passion of event planning by receiving my Wedding Planning Certification through IAPP Online. I've had the pleasure of being a part of so many incredible special events since 2018.


Most recently the Covid 19 quarantine allowed me to once again expand my business through natural skin care products. When creating this line, my goal was to develop natural and beneficial products for everyone with ingredients that anyone could recognize and pronounce.  


Thank you to all my loyal, and new, customers for your continued support and love of my business. I can guarantee every product you receive from us has been made with love and care. And a thank you to my incredible parents who have been there to support this journey every step of the way.

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