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Crystal Bath Bomb: Relaxing Rosé and Rose Quartz

*This listing is for one 2.5 inch Crystal Bath Bomb. Inside there is one heart shaped Rose Quartz stone (0.8 inches) that will be revealed when your bath bomb is done fizzing.

Our Crystal Bath Bombs can fizz for over 5 minutes!

CAUTION: Due to the small stone inside, this bath bomb is not safe for small children as it can be a choking hazard.

Our Crystal Bath Bombs come packed in iridescent foil and a box with stone benefits description on back.

Relaxing Rosé Bath Bomb:

Our bath bombs were created to provide maximum skin benefits during your bath while turning your room into your own little oasis with wonderful blends of essential oils. Each of our ingredients were thoughtfully and purposefully selected to give our customers a luxurious bath experience with benefits that last long past your bath.

Our Relaxing Rosé bath bombs are as beneficial as they are beautiful. Their color is achieved through powdered rose petals and we’ve added dried rose petal pieces to float across the water as your bath bomb fizzes. Rosehip oil adds moisturizing benefits to your bath as well.

• Baking Soda
• Citric Acid
• Cornstarch
• Kaolin Clay
• Powdered Goat Milk
• Powdered Honey
• Epsom Salt
• Cocoa Butter
• Coconut Oil
• Almond Oil
• Polysorbate 80
• Powdered Rose Petals
• Rosehip Oil
• Dried Rose Bud and Petals

Even our beautiful coloring is achieved through natural ingredients. We are very proud of our product and we hope you love your experience with them.


According to FDA regulations, we are unable to make any direct health benefit claims about our products. All information provided relates to the ingredients used and we are not claiming to diagnose, cure, treat, and/or prevent any disease or condition with our product.


If you have any sensitivities or allergies to any of our ingredients or experience any after use please do not use this product or discontinue use, we are not responsible for any complications of use.

*This product is not made for consumption.

Rose Quartz Crystal Bath Bomb

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