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Homemade Rose Water Toner (2oz)

Our toner is made with our own rose water (made from fresh red roses) and comes in 2oz amber bottle with a dropper applicator.

Homemade Rose Water
• Fresh Red Rose Petals
• Distilled Water
• Vodka (Preservative)
Witch Hazel
Lime Essential Oil

Our mixture of rose water, witch hazel, and lime essential oil makes it the perfect refreshing addition to your daily routine. We highly recommend storing our toner in the REFRIGERATOR for the best results and using a cotton makeup pad (x2) a day for application.


While we are not making any medical/healing claims about our product we did choose our ingredients very carefully to provide maximum benefit to our customers.


Rose Water
• Anti Inflammatory Properties
• Cleanser (Removes Oil and Dirt in Pores)
• Controls Excess Oil
• Maintain pH Balance

Witch Hazel
• Anti Inflammatory Properties
• Reduces Skin Irritation
• Fights Acne
• Natural Astringent Effects

Lime Essential Oil
• Natural Antioxidant
• Reduce Fine Lines, Sun Spots, Wrinkles
• Natural Astringent Properties
• Skin Firming

According to FDA regulations, we are unable to make any direct health benefit claims about our products. All information provided relates to the ingredients used and we are not claiming to diagnose, cure, treat, and/or prevent any disease or condition with our product.


If you have any sensitivities or allergies to any of our ingredients or experience any after use please do not use this product or discontinue use, we are not responsible for any complications of use.

*This product is not made for consumption.

Homemade Rose Water Toner

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